NGO Registration

A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) is a not for profit organization formed by a group of individuals, voluntarily, with the motive for working for a charitable and social cause.

Procedure for NGO Trust registration

Step 1: You are required to fill your details in our simple online questionnaire.

Step 2: We will assist you in gathering the pre-requisite documents

Step 3: Based on the details provided by you for Trust Deed registration, a Trust deed will be compiled

Step 4: The trust deed so compiled will be submitted to the relevant local registrar for registration

Step 5: Once your Trust NGO is registered, we shall send you Trust Deed via courier.


Trust: One of the most common and simplest ways in which an NGO can be registered is Trust. Trust is a legal entity created by the “settlor” who transfers the assets to the second party or “trustee” for the benefit of the third party known as “beneficiary”. Trusts are registered to support the underprivileged and deprived sections of the society. Any group of individuals ca register a trust.

Trust Registration Process


In order to register Trust, organization needs to be in compliance with the Indian Trusts Act, 1882. Following the act, there are a few pre-requisites that an organization needs to be ready within order to form the Trust. Here are the pre-requisites:

  • Name for the Trust
  • Registered Address dedicated for the Trust
  • Objects/Objectives of the Trust
  • One seller of Trust
  • Two Dedicated trustees of Trust
  • Property (Movable or Immovable) of the Trust

Once, all the pre-requisites are ready, and just put together in a Trust Deed. We at MAG provides best services for Trust Registration in Delhi.

To make a trust deed, the following information needs to be furnished:

  • The deed should be done on a stamp paper of given value
  • The passport size photographs and the identity proof of the seller
  • The passport size photographs and the identity proof of the 2 trustees
  • The passport size photographs and the identity proof of the 2 witnesses
  • The seller's signature on all pages of deed
  • Documents Required for Trust Regisration
  • Identity proof such as Voter ID, Driving License, Adhaar Card, Passport of minimum of two members.
  • Two photographs of which one must be of passport size 
  • Copy of the ID proof of the settlor
  • Copy of the ID proof of each of the two witnesses and their photographs
  • Proof of registered address such an electricity or water bill
  • Schedule (application for registration along with Court Fee INR 100 affixed to it)
  • Trust Deed on stamp paper of the requisite value
  • Consent Letter signed by all the trustees
  • Affidavit/Declaration signed by the settlor (it is to be handed over on the day of the Hearing, with INR 10/- court stamp fee
  • One passport size photo & ID proof copy of the three settlor
  • One passport size photograph & ID proof copy of each of the two witnesses
  • Electricity, Utility bill of the registered address
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the property’s owner (trustor) that is proposed as the Registered Address for the Trust
  • Signature of the three settlers on each page of the Trust Deed

Societies: A society is an entity that can be created by an association of individuals united in their cause for promoting science, arts, literature, social welfare and useful information. Societies are governed by the Societies Registration Act, 1860. They must be registered with the respective state Registrar of Societies to be eligible for tax exemption.

Documents for Society Registration

  • PAN Card of all the members of the proposed society has to be submitted along with the application.
  •  The Residence Proof of all the members of the society also has to be submitted. The following can be used as a valid residence proof:
  1. Bank Statement
  2. Aadhaar Card
  3. Utility Bill
  4. Driving License
  5. Passport
  •  A covering letter mentioning the objective or the purpose for which the society is being formed will be annexed to the beginning of the application. It will be signed by all the founding members of the society.
  •  A copy of the proof of address where the registered office of the society will be located along with an NOC from the landlord and utility bill of that address, if any has to be attached.
  •  A list of all the members of the governing body has to be given along with their signatures.
  • A declaration has to be given by the president of the proposed society that he is willing and competent to hold the said post.

SECTION 8 COMPANIES: The objectives of a Section 8 Companies are to promote arts, science, commerce, sports, social welfare, religion, charity and environmental protection. They are registered under the Companies Act, 2013 for charitable purpose. They have better credibility among government bodies, donors and other stakeholders.

Section 8 Company Registration has higher credibility amongst donors, Government departments and other stakeholders.
Incorporation of the Section 8 Company is similar to Trust or Society or NGO Registration, but Section 8 Company is registered under Central Government's Ministry of Corporate Affairs whereas the Trusts and Societies are registered under state government norms and regulations.
Registration procedure of a Section 8 Company is that of similar to private /public company as the case may be except additional requirement of taking license from Central Government after name approval. We at MAG provides best services for NGO Registration in Delhi.

Documents Required

  • Self-attested copy of the PAN Card of all the proposed directors.
  • Self-attested copy of ADDRESS PROOF (Voter ID/DL/Passport/Aadhar Card) of all the proposed directors.
  • Self-attested copy of the Bank Account Statement/Electricity Bill/Mobile Bill of all proposed directors.
  • 4 Photographs of passport size of all proposed directors.
  • Duly signed DSC Form of all the directors of proposed company.
  • Copy of the current Electricity Bill/Water Bill/House Tax  for the proposed premises to be used as the registered office for the proposed company.
  • If the property is rented, then the Rent Agreement and NOC from the owner of the property.

Information Required Concerning Section 8 Company Registration

Directors Detail:

  • Educational qualification of all the directors.
  • Profession/occupation of all the directors with an area of operation
  • Citizenship along with the residential status of all directors
  • Place of birth of all directors
  • Permanent & the present residential status of all directors
  • Mobile numbers of all directors
  • Email IDs of all directors



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